Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists

Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists

A new podiatry practice looking to put down roots in one of the top medical communities in the world, TXFAS needed everything from a website to appointment reminder cards—but, first and foremost, an identity that would set them apart. Once we established a brand that conveys both state pride and sophistication, we crafted a fresh, user-friendly website and an assortment of informational and promotional print pieces to get the practice off to a successful start.

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When you finally make the leap to go out on your own and start your practice, you are immediately overwhelmed. My checklist seemed to never end.

The one thing I could count on was my marketing.

I wanted to send a clear and concise message to my patients that I cared about them and they can immediately trust me. The team at Lowry Creative listened to exactly what I wanted to portray and gave me more than what I expected. They took the time to think through every nook and cranny I needed now and for the foreseeable future. This forethought provide my marketing with consistency across every medium and has saved my practice money.

Go ahead and survey my industry and you will immediately see the branding, marketing, and presentation is vastly different and connects better than I could have imagined with my patients.

Dr. David Applegate
Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists

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