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One of central Florida's oldest and largest private schools...


...LCS is nationally respected for their achievements in academics, arts and athletics.

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But, when it came to showcasing the unique opportunities the innovative K-12 institution offers, their outdated website barely scratched the surface.


Our charge was to overhaul their online presence so that it better represented the school and their goal to develop the


"whole student."


Our approach

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The school's state-of-the-art facilities, interactive classes and wide range of extracurriculars provide students with an exceptional experience —


so why should visiting the website be any different?


We let users experience the campus and its culture for themselves by capturing the school's essence through video and vivid images of students at work and play.


In addition to the main hub, we created a unique solution for the school's distinguished athletics programs — a separate website that provides users with easy access to schedules, stats, rosters, and forms.

LCS needed a stronger web presence. Their sleek new site translates the one-of-a-kind experience the school offers to the digital space. It functions as both an user-friendly information hub and dynamic enrollment tool.

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