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How do you rejuvenate a company’s brand identity that’s lagging behind their outstanding reputation in the community?


Green Construction Services is a full service restoration and remodeling general contractor based out of central Florida since 1987.  From their beginnings as a small family business, GCS transformed itself into a strong operator in the central Florida construction market. 


But their growth posed challenges
to their brand identity.

Three decades of organic growth and expansion into new markets left them struggling to clearly communicate
who they are and what they do to their customers. 

New service offerings in universal accessibility, water and fire restoration, and mold remediation meant
GCS needed a revitalized brand identity for both restoration and remodeling sectors.


Let’s work backwards. To solve these challenges, we asked ourselves:


A. How do we communicate all of their service offerings when the general public associates them with restoration work?

B. How do we revitalize their brand identity to convey professionalism and personal concern for their client's wellbeing?

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 To answer these questions, we articulated Green Construction Service’s core principle: 

“We give clients peace of mind and a sense of pride”

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Compelling photography and video was integrated to tell the GCS story by highlighting the authentic experiences they have with their customers. 

The website as the public face of the company required a major overhaul. The new design scheme needed to be clean, professional, and engaging. We designed and built a custom site from scratch to totally revitalize the GCS brand. 

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Updating the work sections with fresh content for all service areas allowed GCS to showcase their high caliber performance across each market. 

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Green Construction Services already had an unparalleled reputation in the Central Florida community. A comprehensive refresh of the GCS brand identity now allows their public image to rise to the same caliber as their public reputation.